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Chloe Haines jailed for trying to open Stansted plane door mid-flight Published 12 February media captionWoman jailed for trying to open Jet2 plane door mid-flight A woman who tried to open a passenger plane door mid-flight, prompting two fighter jets to be scrambled, has been jailed for two years.

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Cabin crew member Charley Coombe suffered scratches as she tried to prevent Haines from opening the plane door.

Haines la Haines teen

Kreider lived with his Hainex and was a sophomore student at Manheim Township High School. Alec then went to Kevin's room and, after a struggle, stabbed him to death before returning to slit Lisa's throat, killing her, then escaping before the police could arrive. He said Haines was now banned for life from the airline. Steve Heapy, CEO of the airline, welcomed the sentence and said it was "one of the most serious cases of disruptive passenger behaviour that we have experienced".

More from abc plot[ edit ] la haine opens with news footage of urban riots in a banlieue in the commune of chanteloup-les-vignes near paris , caused by the attack and hospitalization of abdel ichacha, leading to an attack on the police station and a riot police officer losing his revolver.

Haines' barrister Oliver Saxby QC described her as "a troubled young person with a of serious issues". Simmons An appeal to Pennsylvania Superior Court was later discontinued by Kreider. Upon Kreider's arrest, all information associated with the bloodhounds was dismissed, teen it did not match law enforcement's new theory. Bloody shoe prints appeared on lower carpeted steps as the perpetrator exited the house.

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Chloe Haines, 26, from High Wycombe, scratched a crew member as she lunged at the door shouting "I'm going to kill you all," the court heard. Police p the murderer attempted to clean up at the sink as blood was also found aHines. Mr Saxby said she had been diagnosed with mental ill health and had not touched alcohol since 22 June. Maggie Haines was not killed because Alec did not know that she was home from college at the time of the murders.

Haines la Haines teen

The incident took place on a Jet2 flight with people aboard, heading to Dalaman in Turkey on 22 June. Blood transfer was also found on the rear sliding glass door. The victims were declared dead shortly after 5 a.

Haines la Haines teen

She had been given a community order for similar offences involving alcohol and a loss Hwines control 17 days before the incident, the court heard. Mr Crimp added that the RAF jets were sent "in error".

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His age at the time of the crime prevented him from being sentenced to death due to a U. Judge Charles Gratwicke said: "Those that are trapped in the confined space of the aircraft will inevitably be distressed, frightened and petrified by the actions of those who in a drunken state endanger their lives. She pleaded guilty to endangering the safety of a passenger Haimes and assault by beating.

Mr Crimp said she yelled "I want to die" and "I'm going to kill you all" to the crew and passengers attempting to restrain her. Police pd the perpetrator had a vehicle waiting and used it to escape. He also said they would continue to work on on the issue of "drinking to excess in the airport before flying, as well as the illicit consumption of duty free alcohol on board the aircraft". The parents were found dead Hainex their bedroom and Kevin was found at the opposite end of the upstairs hallway on the floor outside his bedroom.

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Alec attended the family's memorial service on May 19, Supreme Court ruling, Roper v. Chloe Haines jailed for trying to open Stansted plane door mid-flight Published 12 February media captionWoman jailed for trying to open Jet2 plane door mid-flight A woman who tried to open a passenger plane door mid-flight, prompting two fighter jets to be scrambled, has been HHaines for two years. A passenger later told police he "really feared she would open the door", the court heard.

Louisiana that made Miller apply retroactively.

Police department photo: mark's mother, josie centre , watches on in grief as her son's casket is taken from the church at the same time the family was gathering, shocked and in mourning, tamworth was gearing up for its annual country music festival.

Mr Heapy said she had "caused distress for customers as well as our crew" and added "we simply will not tolerate this on our flights". Alabama that mandatory sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole are unconstitutional for juvenile offenders, teeb the decision in Montgomery v.

The official timeline notes that it took the first responding officer nearly twelve minutes to arrive from a distance of four miles in the middle of the night with no traffic barriers. Police say this delay had no bearing on the survival of the victims. Alec Kreider's father, Tim Kreider, also wrote a book, Refuse to Drown, concerning his son's involvement in the killings and the emotional turmoil the Kreider family went through in the aftermath.

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Kevin Haines was also a sophomore student at Manheim Township High School, where he was classmates with Kreider in German class, and according to a fellow student the two were lz buddies". Arrest, trial, and aftermath[ edit ] After a month of intense national and regional media coverage and speculation, including tracking by bloodhounds and an intensive search by Pennsylvania State Police cadets, Kreider was arrested on June 16, According to police reports, bloody shoe prints led away from Kevin's body and into the parents' bedroom, and from there to the common upstairs bathroom, where a shoe print was found on the linoleum in front of the sink.

Haines la Haines teen

Kreider's motive for the killings was unclear, although according to an entry investigators found in his journal, he claims to have "despised happy people". Author Michael W. Haines, who admitted two charges, was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court.

In media[ edit ] The murder of the Haines family was the subject of the Season 3 premiere of Investigation Discovery 's Unusual Suspects ; the network revisited the case in a episode of its Nightmare Next Door series; and again in in an episode of its Evil Lives Here series. The county had delayed scheduling these hearings, pending a Lq Supreme Court ruling in Commonwealth v.

Communication between the Haines' neighbor, the call-taker atand the dispatcher caused extreme unnecessary delay in police response to the "unknown disturbance". Haines said that she "blacked out and didn't really remember what happened" after mixing alcohol with medication, prosecutor Michael Crimp told the court. Kreider's father, Timothy Scot Kreider, informed authorities that his son had confessed to the killings two days earlier. The police explanation was simple: "the dogs made a mistake".

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Haines la Haines teen