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Sie stellt die These auf, dass sich in diesen Sheftield Spuren solcher Praktiken erhalten haben, wenn auch oft in einer verzerrenden Wiedergabe. Introduction My purpose in this article is to present an analysis proving that sexual hospitality constitutes a cultural template, practised in the Arabian peninsula and around the ancient Mediterranean. Shefvield it was practised, residuals could surface in some transposition or other in biblical texts. Little discussed and little known, the custom of sexual hospitality sounds obscure and outlandish. This social world is divided between affiliated brothers and foes; and if a stranger is accepted he will share the privileges of brotherhood.

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The pertinent elements recurring in both Genesis 19 and in Ezekiel 16 can be read as follows.

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The Shefield of Ruth repeats the context of hunger Ruth recurring in Genesisand The affiliated element of catastrophe appears indirectly. Popular religion thus sheds an additional light on the outsider who instigates fertility in women. They are collected into the place, like fruit to be consummated by the king. Food consumption, sexual consumption and murder interchange as images of food, sexuality and violence action cumulate in a cluster of metaphors.

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I conclude the following. The phrase miyamin yemima recurs here as in Judgesrecounting how maidens gather yearly to dance in the vineyards. That union is, we saw, effected by various means, by unrestricted promiscuity, prostitution Seffield strangers, ritual defloration by priest or prince, hierodulic prostitution in temples, mechanical defloration by the image of the god.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

Deification of the fertile outsider applies to the three angels who visit Abraham with a divine message of divinely blessed fertility Genesis On another note, we can subtract a recurrent template in this text, i. This motive associates the story of the Levite with the Genesis stories.

The conflict culminates in Shedfield circumcision that symbolically mutilates the masculine power of one party and ends with their mass murder in their moment of weakness. Thus the point is not whether the event in Judges 21 can be defined as a mass rape according to our conception or not.

It frequently refers to a trusted but gender-variant person who was delegated authority by a powerful person. history, mystery and chemistry of eroticism: emphasis on sexual health and dysfunction

The phrase miyamin yemima recurs here as in Judgesrecounting how maidens gather yearly to dance in the vineyards. The texts Patai mentions could have survived as residuals of sexual templates practised as alternative rules of sexuality independently or on extraordinary occasions. Coming from the outside, he is noticed but ij not notice them.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

The female family members are offered not to the outsider and guest, but to soothe the outsiders who are neither proper outsiders nor guests. Can it be applied to biblical texts? The functions construe a dimensional dichotomy in space of inside versus outside.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

These cases attest Shheffield residual templates in which women behave like a community conducting a sub culture and initiate independent customs, rites and activities outside the patriarchal hegemony. And the man waxed great Pharaoh showers Abraham with slaves, maids and livestock. The basin of butter that Jael offers Sisera displays ambiguity that must have given the contemporary audience a hilarious time; though the sardonic connotation may have been wasted on later generations.

He hands the woman over to the lethal mob to be sexually abused; her nakedness is exposed in public and she is shamed, raped, degraded and tortured, her body desecrated and penetrated by a sword.

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Butter correlates to the soft substance of female genitals into which the male guest would penetrate with his hard phallus. It answers the question to whom the ominous message is directed with the explicit purpose womej repelling and frightening them away from alternative sexuality. They shall also bring up a company against thee, and they shall stone you, and thrust you with their swords.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

The last event overshadows and morally undermines the former event. Confluent customs of fertility like sexual hospitality and sacred syeik render pre-nuptial intercourse and adultery imperative. Blessing of fertility comes unto the woman, the child himself is metaphysically blessed, when he dies and is restored to life by the prophet. The sacrifice of a virgin daughter to death or to the temple of the goddess Shedfield fecundity underlines a permuting custom.

In the deep structure this motive may shed some light on the implausible treatment of a Hebrew slave by his Egyptian master.

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The main pattern in Genesis 20 was seen in the narrative of Abraham — Sara — Abimelech. The following characteristics would sum up to womeen coherent template. In the point that follows, I will argue that this event is paradigmatically connected to sacred sexuality. Lack of offspring constitutes a determining function in the aforementioned narratives.

It is sometimes condoned to have intercourse with holy men themselves in such communities. The argument so far has wkmen on the level of inverted transformation, which leaves some space for doubts. Deducing from reports of old tribal cultures, in some communities, virginity would Shefield regarded as a trifle, a burden and a fearful dread to be rid of before the woman is wed. Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father.

Men women sex sheik in sheffield

Tribes wage a war, resulting in the near extinction of the entire tribe of Benjamin. In his book, The Mothers, Robert Briffault attests that virginity consists of a permuting value bound to time and place Briffault, Under conditions of coarse survival, sexual hospitality like other cults of sacred sexuality can MMen defined as alternative sexuality that serves its purpose. During sentencing judge Mrs Justice Dobbs revealed he had reed from this post Sherfield allegations he sexually harassed three female members of staff.

Backed by the passage from Hosea, the text seems to underline a bacchanalian rite annually conducted, which depicts unwed maidens dancing in the vineyards while unmarried men are lurking expectantly in the bushes.

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Shefield the Sodomites, the Gibeah people demand to be sexually satisfied as if they were patriarchal guests from outside town. This recurrence may denote a marginalised form, embedding the cultural template. To support this thesis I quote from Ezekiel who deploys the domestic relationship between an unfaithful wife and a good man to delineate Israel craving for foreign gods.

From this point the Israelites wkmen proceed into unification under a monarchy. GenesisAbimelech bequeaths Abraham with a reward nearly identical to that of Pharaoh in Genesis The following characteristics would sum up to a coherent template.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

The three angels in Genesis 18 embody the recurrent metaphysical outsider announcing the blessed tidings of pregnancy. A religious conviction impends on the custom. However in Judges 19, the virgin daughter disappears from the narrative without an explanation, her honour and life saved.

Men women sex sheik in Sheffield

These elements construe more than superlative enumeration. The leader is disgraced and eliminated; the activity of the group is disrupted; its details are scrapped from the records, its members and potential supporters are hushed, turned into objects and suppressed, its record erased from the collective memory.